UI/UX Design, Web Development
Simon game is originally invented in 1978 by Ralph H. Baer and Howard J. Morrison.

The project task was to write the Javascript application that would simulate the original Simon game. I made the decision to completely redesign the whole game, and I came up with this solution. I was looking for something minimalistic that will be mobile responsive and yet aesthetically effective, playful, and suitable for users of all ages.

Check your memory

This is the perfect game to train your memory and still have fun trying to remember all those tones playing and colours popping. Once you get to Level 20, you win, Simon has no other choice but to reset itself and start from the scratch, from Level 1.

Strict mode

You want to make things a bit more dramatic and difficult? Turn on the strict mode by pressing the STRICT button and Simon won’t allow you to make any mistakes. In other words, Simon is going to reset and go back to the first level if you play the wrong tune.