Exclusive World Bank

Game design, print design
Exclusive World Bank is a board game based on the famous Monopoly game.
The main characteristic that differentiates this game from similar ones is the size of its packaging. When traveling and camping, we are often overburdened by things we need to carry on our backs. Concerned about this problem, we decided to minimize the packaging and the size of the board so you at least don't have to worry whether your favourite game will fit into your bag or not.


The aim was to put some rough sketches on paper and see what goes well and at the same time explore the possibilities and ideas which we can include in further design development. This is the moment to decide what are the flaws and advantages of the selected layout and to make sure that the chosen design concept will connect with the player and make his experience joyful.

Brief overview

The first step before initiating the design process was to research the concepts of other board games including every design solution of the existing Monopoly game. The reason for doing so was to make sure that the future redesigned concept of Exclusive World Bank would stand out in the market with its visual language and still keep the main characteristics of the original game. Simplicity was of the utmost importance.